Letty Shea

Independent Art Studies,  [ 1995 – 1999 ]
I studied art with this great woman and artist from 1995 to 1999, the year of her passing. She was a great teacher, laying the foundation of my art education and skills. Though I was with her for a short amount of time, what she has taught me I will take with me for the rest of my life. Her legacy is not forgotten with one of her paintings hanging at the Asian Centre at UBC. Go check it out!

I love you and miss you, most of all I thank you.

Mah, Zi Ping

Independent Art Studies,  [ 1999 – 2006 ]
After the passing of my first art teacher, Mr. Mah decided to take me under his wing from 1999 to 2006. He started from the beginning, his style is not so different from Letty’s since they did share the same teacher. Now I am more like an apprentice painting and creating on my own, finding my own style and creating my own being as an artist. I’ll return time to time to seek his advice and I’ll always remember what he said to me once trying to drill some techniques into my head.

“I’m giving you wisdom,” he’d said, “like putting money into your hands.”

Huang, Su Ya

Independent Art Studies, [ 2002 – 2003 ]
The study of dry portrait painting with carbon powder aka charcoal powder is a messy thing. But art’s all about getting down and dirty. Also known as carbon art, these styles are dying out. This style of artwork which started many years ago in china is the same technique of the deco-orient posters. As messy as things got, I’m glad I got the chance to study this art form and I hope to one day pass it on.

Drawing I & II, Sculpting I

Kwantlen University College,  [ 2001 – 2002 ]
A scholarship from high school allowed me to go to take a couple of courses at Kwantlen.

Graphic Design

Art Institute of Vancouver,  [ 2006 – 2007 ]
I entered a contest to win a lap top and was called in to show my portfolio.
Ended up getting into the graphic design program, skipping the first semester and doing 15 months.
Graduating with a diploma in graphic design, with a 3.4 gpa.